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Nasty E-Liquid 60mL by Nasty Juice is Malaysia’s top e-juice Brand designed to give you a rich, fruity yet smooth vaping experience.

Nasty Brand’s initial mission is to help curb people’s smoking habits and produce a means to quit smoking entirely. The nasty Brand’s recent goal is to show that vaping is more than just vaping. It encompasses people’s lifestyles also health wellbeing. That is why, besides E-juice flavors, Nasty Brand also produces smoking cessation devices and products such as merchandise. Nasty started with Malaysia and Malaysians in mind, but now Nasty has also set sight to the international market.

NASTY E-LIQUID 60ML ejuice All in one:

Nasty is from Tampin, Malaysia, and is crafted with high-grade premium ingredients. Expect a clean and crisp vaping experience from the Brand Nasty Juice. They have taken unique flavors and masterfully blended them to give you a well-rounded and tasty vape juice.

With a variety of high-quality Eliquids, there is a flavor for everyone. If you enjoy tasty candy flavors, nasty e-juice has got you covered. Do you want to kick back and relax with delicious lemonade flavors, or do you need to chill out with some menthol? Nasty Juice has something for you.

Any flavor you pick from their delicious lineup will be a worthy candidate to be your next all-day Vape. Also, enjoy nasty salt nic, available now in UAE.

NASTY E-LIQUID 60ML ejuice has the following flavors in the low mint series:

  • nasty asap grape
  • nasty bad blood
  • nasty Cushman mango
  • nasty Cushman mango banana
  • nasty Cushman mango grape
  • nasty Cushman mango strawberry
  • nasty devil teeth
  • nasty fat boy
  • nasty green ape
  • nasty slow blow
  •  nasty tobacco bronze blend
  • nasty tobacco gold blend
  • nasty tobacco silver blend
  • nasty trape queen
  • nasty wicked haze
  • nasty sicko blue
  • nasty stargazing


Nasty Juice is undeniably Malaysia’s most popular vape juice brand. Started by Shariffudin Bujang (aka Pak Din) and Azizul Ridzuan from their humble beginnings in a small town called Tampin in Malaysia, their products have reached vapers in no less than 72 countries. Their tantalizing flavors and unique artwork on attractively designed bottles have won the hearts of vapers worldwide, becoming one of the most recognizable vape juice brands in the world.

They have also won numerous international vape awards, including:

  • Best Menthol/Mint of the Year 2018 from Vaper Expo Birmingham for Nasty Juice Slow Blow (Pineapple with Sweet Lemonade, Low Mint).
  • Industry Leader For Marketing & Branding for 2018 from Vape Dubai king UAE
  • 1st Place for Best Branding & Marketing 2019 from Vape Dubai king UAE

If you’ve vaped Nasty E-Liquid 60mL before, you’ll know you can always count on them to deliver a premium unboxing experience followed by an eruption of flavors in your mouth when vaping.


On the first puff, I get the aroma of banana circulating through my mouth and nose. Then, I get hit with the taste of really ripe and luscious mango flavor. The banana is ever so slightly creamy and fragrant and complements the mango very well. The banana here is more for the aroma and does not make this e-liquid creamy. Unlike a banana smoothie-type flavor where you get lots of creaminess from the banana, in this instance, it’s much more aromatic.


I find that the strawberry notes are not there. I’m vaping a ripe and sweetish mango flavor with very little strawberry. The mix of strawberries in this formula nullifies the mango and strawberry. It just becomes another unidentifiable fruity mix.


I have vaped almost half a bottle of this Mango Grape. I did not feel that I would like this. I cannot imagine what grapes and mango would taste like, as this is not a ‘natural’ fruit combination for me. But I am surprised because I can somehow taste both flavors quite clearly. The first hit gives you a candy-like grape flavor, and then the exhale, you get the ripe and aromatic mango. I think this Juice is maybe 70% grape with 30% mango.

Nasty E-Liquid 60mL SUMMARY

That sums up the collection of freebase liquids and nicotine salts from Nasty Juice! I would say that combined with killer looks and high-quality flavors, it’s no wonder Nasty Juice has managed to sell to over 72 countries. As for my recommendations and notable characteristics, you can see the list below. As they have too many to choose from, I shall choose the top 5 flavors in their freebase lineup and the top 3 from their nicotine salt lineup. I have ordered the list from most favorite to least favorite.

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